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Saturday, 08 August 2009

Xposs Template - 3 Columns Blogger Template For Speed

Hi there..,

This is a demo of Xposs XML Template for blogger. You can use as your own blogger blog for free.

I re-designed the minima blog template from Douglas Bowman. I love minima template because its minimalist and easy to use. But I need more columns on my blog theme so I change it with more widths and columns.


  • Speed Blog Template.
    There is no picture/image in this template. So, it performs for speed and fast access blog.

  • 3 Columns with right and left sidebars. You may need more spaces for gadgets. This template is the best one.

  • Top Navigation Bar.
    There is HTML Gadget for the top navigation. You only need to add tag URLs to that gadget.

  • Built in randomize banner rotation allows you place banner ads randomly.

  • Built in Read more posting mode. You can cut your long articles in separate paragraphs or even sentences.


Download Xposs-Templates.

Extract download file. Open the Xposs-template.txt file. Copy and paste the codes on to you blogger template. Make sure you backup first HTML/Script codes from your current HTML gadgets. Clicking on save button may causes you loss your gadgets. But you may worry nothing. You can add them latter.

Top-Right 468 x 60 Rotation Banner

In order to show randomized banner on this HTML gadget, you should place randomcontent DIV tag before banner tag. See example below:

<!-- Banner 1 -->
<div class="randomcontent group1">
<div class="block">

<a href="URL"><img src="Images URL" border="0"/>


<!-- Banner 2 -->
<div class="randomcontent group1">
<div class="block">

<a href="URL"><img src="Images URL" border="0"/>


Read more Posting Mode

Cut your long articles into separate paragraphs or sentences. To do that, simply add fullpost class in DIV tag. See example below:

This is the first paragraph which will be appeared on your main page.

<div class="fullpost">
this is other paragraph which will be hidden and appeared when you click on the Read more.. word.

You may use Exposs Templates for your blogs for free. Please do not remove the credit links on the bottom of page.

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